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Technical Specifications:


•High Performance
•Full Compatibility
• User-Friendly Design
•Easy Operation and Maintenance
•Energy Optimization
•Network Capabilities


Product Description:-


●Dynamic Torque Vector Control System

Fuji Electric original dynamic torque vector control system is known for its top-of-the-line performance, delivering stabile torque output even at low speeds.

●Slip Compensation shortens setting time

The slip compensation controller works with voltage tuning for even more accurate speed control at low velocity. This reduces speed control variability and stabilizing creep speed for more accurate stopping in conveyors and similar equipment.

●Fastest CPU Processor in its Class

Advanced CPU processes data at twice the speed of our current model



Function Description
Mock malfunction Select a function to set off a mock alarm
Number of startups Count the total number of ON/OFF run cycles
Cumulative motor running time Monitor motor run time
Total power Set to measure total power consumption
Trip history Saves and displays information on up to four past trips


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